Guest Lecture by Stephen Schwarzman

This is a guest lecture at Yale University by Stephen Schwarzman, the Chairman, CEO and co-founder of private equity firm The Blackstone Group. If you are interested in private equity, or especially if you are a finance student you may find it worthwhile watching. Indeed it is always a privilege to hear highly successful people in finance talk as they usually share some interesting insights.

Stephen Schwarzman, Co-Founder of Blackstone Group, a private equity firm, speaks about his experience in the industry. He discusses his thoughts on global finance, particularly at such an interesting and challenging point in the history of financial institutions. Although the near future might be rough for the United States and economies around the globe, capital does tend to come back and regulators are busy figuring out how best to put safeguards on the system. He also offers career advice and mentions some of the surprises he came across upon entering the world of finance.

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