How the Banks Won

How the Banks Won is a thought provoking documentary focused on the UK financial sector. Will Hutton, a former investment banker, investigates the practices of the investment banks as they begin to come out the other side of the financial crisis. He looks at Banks' bonus practices, and how the investment banks are running their businesses, and for the most part finds that things are back to usual for the banks, in spite of all that just happened.

From Dispatches: "He also investigates the banks' intense lobbying to resist government plans for reform and highlights recent research from the OECD on how Britain is internationally unusual in the extent to which bankers have key roles in the civil service and government."

"Featuring high-powered contributors such as President Obama's banking advisor Paul Volcker, former Chancellor Alastair Darling, former City minister Lord Myners and current Business Secretary Vince Cable, Hutton shows why without urgent reform we risk the prospect of another crash - this time there won't be any money left for a bail-out - plus the certainty of British business being starved of vital funding."

This documentary is a follow on from Dispatches' previous: How the Banks Never Lose

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