Inside USA - The Roots of the Financial Crisis

The financial crisis is one of the defining events of our time, and its effects continue to be felt. It is indeed true that in times of great crisis there is great opportunity, particularly learning opportunities. In this documentary Al Jazeera offers a look inside the crisis at what the causes were, how it might have been avoided, and as it was filmed prior to the election; how it might influence the future government.

Titans tumble, markets see-saw and governments put up massive bailouts but where did the financial crisis come from and how will the next US president deal with the country's ticking debt bomb? With a chorus of different voices - from Wall Street insiders to those who could not even get in the door of the New York Stock Exchange - Inside USA looks at the roots of the crisis, asks whether it could have been avoided and considers how it will shape the next US government. On the eve of the US presidential election, Avi Lewis reports from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

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