Bloom or Bust - Ecosystem Investment

An emerging area of finance is environmental markets. With concerns about global warming governments around the world have begun to facilitate the launch of carbon trading markets as a means of limiting and reducing carbon emissions through the power of the market and the profit motive. Basically environmental markets work around a basic principle of credits or permits in relation to pollution or environmental impacts. For example a business may have a limit on the amount of pollution it does, if it reduces its emissions below that limit it may be able to sell credits, or if it engages in an offsetting activity it may earn credits, thereby allowing it to trade and profit from the market.

This BBC documentary looks into the development of such markets with a number of interesting examples.

"Bloom or Bust" --We look at the new breed of investors who are making substantial and sustainable profits by investing in keeping ecosystems healthy. Saving the planet is no longer just about ethics -- it's rapidly becoming big business. Final episode of the series, recorded from BBC on 22.08.09.

Finance Documentaries:
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