Breaking the Bank

This documentary details the story of Bank of America's journey through the financial crisis. The documentary chronicles a story that is at once powerful, inspiring, and appalling. In hindsight it's easy to call the big mistakes e.g. when Hank Paulson let Lehmen Brothers fail, or when Ken Lewis agreed to buy Merrill Lynch, but while their methods weren't perfect the actions of the bank CEOs and Federal Reserve and Treasury staff managed to save the banking system. In usual Frontline fashion Breaking the Bank provides a hard hitting and interesting watch.

Ken Lewis, the CEO of Bank of America, is in trouble -- a stock collapse; a rocky merger; the worst fourth-quarter losses in at least 17 years; a stockholder revolt; an urgent need to raise more capital despite a $45 billion infusion from the federal government; and on top of that, he effectively has a new boss, President Barack Obama. (more »)

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