The City of London - Money and Power

The City of London is perhaps the leading financial center in the world. This BBC documentary presents a fascinating look into the City of London, from the practices of its buzzing financial sector, through to its surprising and peculiar history. It offers an interesting insight into the history of the City, from the establishment of markets through to the global financial crisis, and presents comments from a range of people in the City, from an ex-trader through to the director of a large trading house.

The City vies with New York City as the financial capital of the world and many banking and insurance institutions have their headquarters there. The London Stock Exchange (shares and bonds), Lloyd's of London (insurance) and the Bank of England are all based in the City. Over 500 banks have offices in the City, and the City is an established leader in trading in Eurobonds, foreign exchange, energy futures and global insurance. The Alternative Investment Market, a market for trades in equities of smaller firms, is a recent development.

Finance Documentaries:
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