Let’s Make Money

This documentary focuses on the development of the global financial system from the perspective of how it exploits various people. It does take somewhat of an anti-capitalist slant, but there are some interesting bits in it. No matter what your overall opinion on capitalism and the financial system is, it pays to understand all aspects of your field. Even if you are a finance practitioner with a staunch capitalist outlook it is worth watching these kinds of documentaries so that you can broaden your perspective and perhaps even counteract such arguments against capitalism and high finance by working more responsibly and sustainably. In any case here it is for you to judge - please do comment your thoughts below.

The film starts by tracking the hypothetical savings of a typical depositor as they move around the global system, often causing exploitation as various financial agents try to produce high returns. There are several interviews with investment managers, politicians, economists as well as homeless people and workers. Some examples:
-Mark Mobius manages funds with a volume of about 12 billion dollars. He invests in Emerging Markets.
-Mirko Kovats is an investor and among the 15 richest Austrians. In the film he inspects an Indian firm.
-Terry Le Sueur is the finance minister of Jersey and explains the development of the island from agriculture and tourism to international financial center and tax haven.
-Hermann Scheer is member of the German parliament and criticizes the financial system.
-John Perkins is a former Economic Hitman (EHM) and describes US politics in developing countries based on economic interests.

Let's make money (part1) by sebstudio

Finance Documentaries: http://www.financedocumentaries.com/2011/06/lets-make-money.html
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