MeltUp: The Beginning Of A US Currency Crisis

These days pessimism and uncertainty are still at high levels - an emotional residue of the financial crisis, but also a sort of capitulation to the near certainty of the crisis-cycle. Indeed, it doesn't take much studying of the history banking and finance to understand that crises are almost inevitable. But that is not something to be too upset about, it just means that you need to conduct your operations in a way that anticipate the occasional period of challenging conditions. The next step of course is to ensure resilience or even profit in times of crisis.

Where this documentary comes in is that it talks about a potentially looming currency crisis for the US. The documentary delves into economic and financial statistics and facts that apparently show a strong likelihood of a scenario of hyperinflation in the US. The documentary features input from acclaimed economists and commentators such as Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, Tom Woods, and others. Hopefully this documentary can be useful to you in considering a potential scenario and preparing for it or perhaps even help you consider other scenarios that while improbable, may have a significant impact on you and your friends and family.

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