Jeremy Grantham Interviews

Concluding the week's focus on asset allocation videos, here's two interviews with Jeremy Grantham. One was conducted during the financial crisis and stock market crash, the other was conducted at the end of last year. Both interviews are quite interesting and insightful and carry messages that we can still use today in thinking about the current markets as well as broader themes in portfolio strategy and asset allocation. For those who don't know, Jeremy Grantham is the G in the investment management company GMO. GMO has made a real name for themselves as value investors and asset allocators - indeed they have a bunch of useful free resources on their website.

CNBC's Maria Bartiromo interviews GMO strategist Jeremy Grantham who discusses the Fed's policies and its effects on the stock market. Originally screened on CNBC.

Consuelo Mack interviews Jeremy Grantham (on WealthTrack) during the global financial crisis and stock market crash to get his views on the market and investing in general.

Finance Documentaries:
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