Strategic vs Tactical Asset Allocation

This video is part of a week-long focus on asset allocation, where we will be posting a string of asset allocation lectures and discussions.  Click on the tag "Asset Allocation" to find other videos and documentaries on the topic.

In this video there is a discussion on strategic asset allocation vs tactical asset allocation. Asset allocation is the all important element of building your investment portfolio, it should take into account an investors risk preferences and return requirements to produce optimal expected outcomes. Indeed studies have shown that more than 100% of returns are determined by asset allocation! So this may well be a topic worth investing some time in!

Our topic of the week focuses on Strategic vs Tactical Asset Allocation. It's an age old debate often with varying answers and we will be exploring some of these concepts. Our guest hosts this evening: Cobie Legrange, a fundamental Analyst from Acsis; Roland Rousseau, a Quantitative Analyst from ADEX; Andrew Rumbelow, Chief Investment Officer at Sanlam Multi Manager International.

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