Venture Capital Investing in 2011

This enterprise forum panel discussion looks at venture capital strategies in 2011, with a particular emphasis on some recent developments including a larger volume of deals and some of the more extreme valuation figures that are coming out e.g. Twitter, Zynga, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. The video is part of the week's focus on venture capital clips.

Three leading New York venture capital firms provide their strategies for 2011. Understanding venture capital firms' strategies is critical in order to obtain venture capital. Prior to the panel discussion, PricewaterhouseCooper presents a summary of the 3rd quarter 2010 MoneyTree Report. The MoneyTree Report is a quarterly study of venture capital investment activity in the United States. As a collaboration between PwC and the National Venture Capital Association based upon data from Thomson Reuters, it is the only industry-endorsed research of its kind. The MoneyTree Report is the definitive source of information on emerging companies that receive financing and the venture capital firms that provide it. The study is a staple of the financial community, entrepreneurs, government policymakers and the business press worldwide.

Panel Moderator:
- Ben Boissevain, Managing Partner, Agile Equity

Panel Speakers:
- Steve Brotman, Managing Director, Greenhill & Co.
- Alex Ferrara, Bessemer
- John F. Frankel, Managing Partner, ff Asset Management LLC

Finance Documentaries:
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