Meltdown - A global financial tsunami

Here's the second video in the series on the global financial crisis, "Meltdown" by Al Jazeera. The second edition focuses on how "the financial tsunami swept the world". The documentary offers a fresh new look at how the financial crisis began to spiral out of control and spread from the crashing US housing market to global financial institutions. The Meltdown series is highly recommended viewing on the financial crisis.

In the second episode of Meltdown, we look at how the financial tsunami swept the world. We hear about a renegade executive who nearly destroyed the global financial system and the US treasury secretary who bailed out his friends.
Henry 'Hank' Paulson, the former CEO of Goldman Sachs and later an economic advisor to the US government; refused to bail out global financial services firm - the Lehman Brothers. Paulson said it was not the role of government to save private businesses.

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