Meltdown - Paying the price

Following on in the 4-part 'Meltdown' series on the global financial crisis, the 3rd part looks at the backlash as thousands of people began to directly feel the effects of the crisis - and they were not at all happy about it. The episode looks at the sometimes alarming backlash in countries like Iceland, and France - where laid-off workers kidnapped their bosses, taking the law into their own hands out of frustration and feelings of being betrayed. There's no denying the frustration felt globally, either directly or indirectly, from the effects of the global financial crisis, indeed unemployment is still high following the economic correction that saw many unsustainable industries and business go under. As such movements like "occupy wall street" and occupy all sorts of locations have sprung up as the frustration and struggle continues for many. This episode perhaps shows reality biting the hardest of all the episodes in the series, one can only be thankful that it didn't end up worse!

The third episode of Meltdown looks at how the victims of the 2008 financial crash fight back. A protesting singer in Iceland brings down the government; in France a union leader oversees the kidnapping of his bosses; and thousands of families are made homeless in California.

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