Meltdown - After the fall

Here's the final of the four-part series from Al Jazeera on the global financial crisis. See the previous parts: The men who crashed the worldA global financial tsunamiPaying the price. The fourth installment looks at the next steps after the crisis. Some people have tried to deny it, while others have questioned capitalism, but many are thinking about how the next crisis can be avoided, or at least how to curb the practices during this crisis. But ultimately the biggest learning from this crisis may well be that crises are a fact of life, and rather than bemoaning it, people should prepare for the next crisis. In any case this documentary provides an interesting view and a good conclusion to the much talked about series.

In the final episode of Meltdown, we hear about the sheikh who says the crash never happened; a Wall Street king charged with fraud; a congresswoman who wants to jail the bankers; and the world leaders who want a re-think of capitalism. The financial crash of September 2008 brought the largest bankruptcies in world history, pushing over 30 million people into unemployment and bringing many countries to the brink of insolvency.

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