Betting on the Market

This excellent documentary from PBS gives a fascinating insight into the late 1990's stock market bubble. While today we have people protesting on Wall Street with the occupy Wall Street and associated movements, a time where public opinion is squarely negative towards Wall Street, back in the nineties when the stock market just went up and up it was an altogether different time. To be fair much of the recent anger against the street is well deserved with a lot of questionable and sometimes stupid practices that lead to the crisis. But anyone who's studied the stock market and its history knows that another bull market will come soon, and it will be followed by a correction, and life will go on. This documentary gives a preview of what will be to come when the next multi-year bull market comes, and it will - probably within the decade, and possibly within the next five years. But when the next bull market comes, everyone will become experts overnight, mortgage brokers will become fund salesmen, taxi drivers will become financial advisers, and everyone will be back in love with Wall Street!

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