Can You Afford to Retire?

In the best of times saving for retirement is a challenging proposition. The issues you need to think about include: "how much benefits can you get?" "how long will you live?" "how much will you need to save?" "how much do you need/want to have in retirement?" "what investment returns can I achieve?" etc etc.

Many people grossly underestimate how much they need in retirement, or simply don't know, how much more is it a problem when the best laid plans fall apart e.g. when a financial crisis wipes out companies and savings, or when the company that you expect to pay your retirement benefits goes bankrupt.

This FRONTLINE documentary explores the issues as the baby boomers approach retirement.

The baby boomer generation is headed for a shock as it hits retirement: many of them will be long on life expectancy but short on savings. The two main strategies for funding retirement -- lifetime pensions and 401(k)-style savings plans -- are in serious trouble. In "Can You Afford to Retire?" FRONTLINE correspondent Hedrick Smith ("Is Wal-Mart Good for America?") investigates this looming financial crisis and the outlook for middle-class Americans.

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