The End of Wall Street

This documentary from the Wall Street Journal offers another angle on the financial crisis; the cause of the crisis, the role of derivatives, and some thoughts on the future. It's interesting to see and hear some of the comments from the various WSJ reporters. The documentary was done around the peak of the crisis, as crisis management solutions were being legislated, and bailouts were thrown left right and center. Certainly another financial crisis documentary worth watching. For more on the financial crisis see the financial crisis category.

Journal reporters explain how the housing bubble inflated and burst, and why easy money led to the collapse of Wall Street's biggest financial institutions. What was going through the minds of CEOs, corporate boards, fund managers and mortgage lenders as they created hard-to-understand derivatives Warren Buffett once called "weapons of financial mass destruction." Wall Street tells the story of the $700-billion bailout, as seen through a reporter's eyes, and looks at what's ahead for the global economy.

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