Tax Me If You Can

This is a fascinating documentary on tax havens, with a particular focus on how small countries like Liechtenstein make millions from helping the rich and powerful avoid taxes, shelter their ill-gotten gains, and even serve as bankers to ruthless dictators. Tax havens are an interesting feature of today's economic landscape, and while some may be more transparent than others, there is still a lot of suspicion (and rightfully so) about these sometimes shady facilitators of tax minimisation. Indeed in a time where the fiscal situation of many governments is in question, the topic of tax evasion and avoidance is highly relevant as governments look to raise revenue.  Also see: "How the Rich Beat the Taxman"

Britain is bust and ordinary taxpayers are getting hammered, but it seems that the super-rich can still squirrel their money away in tax havens like Liechtenstein, Jersey and the Caymans. John Sweeney follows the missing millions, and asks if it is time to close the tax havens down. Panorama shines a light on the shadowy world of tax havens and asks whether the revenue shortfall caused by the recession could spell the end of them.

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