Ten Trillion and Counting

I've posted a number of videos on here that talk about the financial crisis, and the ongoing European sovereign debt crisis, as well as past debt crises. This documentary talks about the US fiscal situation, I've previously noted that the danger of the banking crisis is that it turns to a sovereign debt crisis because the government's have had to do too much to bail out the banks; in the mean time, many developed countries were already running very questionable fiscal positions, with large deficits and growing debt. In this situation something has to give; when a government has too much debt is can either cut costs and raise taxes, inflate its debt away, or simply refuse to pay. None of these are good options, but they are reality, and the US is still on an uncertain fiscal path, so this documentary is well worth watching for most people, particularly investors.

All of the federal government's efforts to stem the tide of the financial meltdown have added hundreds of billions of dollars to an already staggering national debt, a sum that is expected to double over the next 10 years to more than $23 trillion. In Ten Trillion and Counting, FRONTLINE traces the politics behind this mounting debt and investigates what some say is a looming crisis that makes the current financial situation pale in comparison.

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Finance Documentaries: http://www.financedocumentaries.com/2011/12/ten-trillion-and-counting.html
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