RBS - Inside The Bank That Ran Out of Money

RBS was one of the casualties of the financial crisis, chalking up record losses, and requiring a multi-billion dollar bailout from the UK government to prevent the group from going under.  This documentary by the BBC details how RBS grew into one of the worlds largest banks through aggressive global expansion via acquisitions; some being smarter than others, and investments and dealing in the US subprime mortgage market.  The documentary presents a particularly interesting angle on the financial crisis, and a fascinating insight into what was otherwise an impressive growth story.

The Royal Bank of Scotland was once a famous Scottish institution; a bank with a reputation for prudence. But in October 2008, less than a decade after Fred Goodwin took over as chief executive, it came within hours of collapsing. RBS later posted the biggest loss in UK corporate history - 24 billion pounds - which damaged the bank's reputation for financial prudence and Scotland's image as a global financial centre. Using previously unbroadcast footage of the bank's top executives and interviews with bank insiders, this documentary tells the compelling story of a national catastrophe.

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Finance Documentaries: http://www.financedocumentaries.com/2012/01/rbs-inside-bank-that-ran-out-of-money.html
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