Born Rich

We all know about the billionaires and millionaires of the world. The lucky, the smart, and those in between. The bankers, the CEOs, the hedge fund managers, the entrepreneurs, the investors... and of course the ones who just happened to be born into a rich family. Maybe you want to get rich your self, maybe you are already rich! or maybe you just find the life of the mega-wealthy interesting. This documentary gives a fascinating insight into these few privileged lucky children of the tycoons. Find out what these people think about their lives, their luck, their wealth, and how they cope with a life that is watched closely; envied by some, despised by others. How do they live in a life unconstrained by finances and money?

Born Rich - Documentary about being born into wealth. Made by Johnson & Johnson heir Jamie Johnson. An interesting look on the other side of the spectrum revisiting the case that wealth does not necessarily bring happiness.

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