Golden Rule: The Investment Theory of Politics

What is the role of money in politics? The answer of course depends on what country you're looking at but in general money and power tend to go hand in hand. Successful business people tend to know a lot of people; including politicians. Businesses will usually prefer to have legislation and regulation which supports or favors their industry. But in a democratic system you often find the free market forces penetrating into the democratic, governance process. This creates risk of corruption and graft at the extreme, and unfair playing fields etc. This documentary provides some interesting views on this influence of money on politics.

The definitive documentary explaining the influence of money on politics by Jonathan Shockley. If you like it, consider buying the high quality DVD or donating a few $ at This film is based on Thomas Ferguson's book Golden Rule: The Investment Theory of Party Competition and the Logic of Money-Driven Political Systems. The film offers an in depth look at the influence of money in politics--analyzing social forces and events that the mainstream media and scholarship have largely distorted or kept hidden. It also analyzes the meaning of democracy.

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