American Greed - The Mad Max of Wall Street

This is a story about a young up and comer, a guy with the ambition to make it big on Wall Street. After a rocky start Elgindy embarks on a career in the stock market. He starts off in a boiler room operation, but works his way out; avoiding the pump and dump schemes to become a short seller. He brands himself as a fraud fighter, builds a big reputation on the Internet and ultimately launches his own website and newsletter service. He earns a big name as a tireless investigator and targets dodgy companies. But in the end he veers off into the grey area, and then the black area of Wall Street. Well worth a watch.

Anthony Elgindy claims to be a former fraudster gone straight. He once worked for a notorious boiler room doing pump and dump schemes. Now he's on a mission to fight fraud. He's a crusading trader. Elgindy claims to expose over-hyped companies. He launches and shares his expertise with the online investing community. Elgindy becomes an Internet celebrity. He's riding high. Traders love him. Companies fear him. His brash, caustic comments can send a stock tumbling down. Investors take notice. A do-gooder turns bad. A rogue FBI agent becomes Elgindy's partner in crime. Together they begin an insider trading scam -- an $1.5 million conspiracy!

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