Money as Debt 3: Evolution Beyond Money

This is the first of a 3 part series that attempts to address some of the frustrations people rightly or wrongly have with the current monetary system. The three movies are posted on here for completeness and to present a side of the story that has had growing interest since the financial crisis. The third movie has an emphasis on ideas how money could work in the future; which is something worth thinking about in general; but as always it is good practice to look at all sides of the story and think about whether 'solutions' really solve the underlying problems, or if they can be incrementally solved or mitigated...

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Money as Debt 1
Money as Debt 2: Promises Unleashed

Money as Debt is a short animated documentary film by Canadian artist and filmmaker Paul Grignon about the monetary systems practiced through modern banking. The film presents Grignon's view of the process of money creation by banks and its historical background, and warns of his belief in its subsequent unsustainability.

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