The Great Euro Crisis - 2012

The Eurozone is at a cross roads. The single currency idea is presently being put hard to the test. Will Europe and the Euro become stronger and more united? Or does this crisis present the harbinger of the disintegration of the single currency? Certainly there has been a lot of effort, investment, and political willpower put into the formation of the Euro, but a lack of fiscal and banking union has exposed the weaknesses of the Euro. This documentary probes into what may come of the Euro - will Greece stay in, will get kicked out, or will it opt out. One thing is for sure: the Euro will not look the same in 5 years time; but it remains to be seen what will come..

Self-confessed Eurosceptic Michael Portillo visits debt-stricken Greece. He believes that the euro crisis must have shaken the Greeks' faith in Europe's single currency and wonders if there'll be a desire to revert to the free-floating drachma. In Athens he meets everyone from a destitute young family to the former finance minister and the outgoing Prime Minister, and is surprised by some of their answers. Meanwhile in Germany, Europe's economic powerhouse, Michael encounters the taxpayers who are paying most towards Greece's mammoth financial bailout while having to watch angry Athenians burning the German flag.

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