Warren Buffett: Going Global

This CNBC documentary follows Warren Buffett as he embarks on a rare overseas trip to inspect one of his latest acquisitions. Warren Buffett, the legendary billionaire investor, rarely leaves home and if he were to say the honest truth he probably doesn't like travel - he likes Omaha, and he likes his own bed. This video shows how folksy, old fashioned, and down to earth the billionaire investor is, but it also shows how he is quick to realise a good deal and his talent for allocating capital. It also shows his brilliance for identifying great companies and strong capable management teams and letting them get on with the business for him. This is exemplified in the story about how he came to acquire an 80 percent stake in Israeli company, ISCAR. Take the opportunity to watch this documentary and gain further insight into his methods and learn from the master. See also: The World's Greatest Money Maker: Warren Buffett & Warren Buffett Revealed & Biography - Warren Buffett

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