Anatomy of Fraud - The Rogue Broker

This is the second documentary in the "InvestEd" series; the documentary examines how Marsha Schubert went from high flying stock broker to fraudulent scam artist. Marsha Schubert was a financial advisor based in Crescent, Oklahoma, but through an unfortunate course of events ultimately ended up operating a Ponzi scheme - very much akin to the large scale and fraudulent scheme of Bernard Madoff. The documentary goes into detail how Schubert turned to the dark side, and shows the personal impact that she had in financially ruining her victims - her former clients. It it well worth viewing this documentary and understanding these cases of financial fraud; it helps investors identify the possible warning signs and pitfalls in investing, and also how to choose a stock broker or forex broker. While these cases of fraud are not systemic, they do hurt investor confidence, and education is a way of building that confidence back up and is a good method to help prevent investors losing money.

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