Masters of Money - Friedrich Hayek

Friedrich Hayek, a Nobel Prize winning economist, was a major contributor to the field of economics, and truly one of the great thinkers of the ages. His views on the power of the unfettered free market rubbed up against the traditional schools of thought that said regulation was needed to tame the beast of capitalism. Indeed at the core of his philosophy was the idea that the less external regulation there was, the better the internal or self-regulation of the system. His ideas influenced some of the world's most powerful leaders and economic policy makers. But what place does his ideas have in today's world? How has the financial crisis affected the practicality and workability of his ideas - was it a case of too little regulation, or was it a case of too much interference and a culmination of distortions created by regulation and intervention? This documentary addresses these questions and gives a look at Hayek's life and the development of his ideas, thinking, and influence. Highly recommended viewing. See also: Masters of Money - John Maynard Keynes

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