Warren Buffet MBA Talk

This is an excellent lecture from the legendary billionaire investor, Warren Buffett. Among the things he talks about, one of the key messages for the MBA students is the importance of integrity, intelligence, and energy for success; but that there is more to it than intelligence and energy - without integrity a person can become dumb and lazy. He also goes into a Q&A session with the students, providing insights into the following questions: What does he think about investing in Japan? What was behind BRK investment in Long Term Capital Management? What do you look for in a company? What investment mistakes have you made? How does he determine if a business has reached its full potential? This definitely a timeless and valuable lecture from someone with a deep insight into investing and business.

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Finance Documentaries: http://www.financedocumentaries.com/2012/10/warren-buffet-mba-talk.html
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