Soho China's Zhang Xin Discusses Real Estate

Zhang Xin is a self-made billionaire that many in the west have never heard of. Zhang Xin went from being a penniless sweatshop worker in Hong Kong, to hoping on a plane with a one way ticket to London to get an education, then finding work as an investment banker, before coming full circle back to China to start leading property development firm Soho. This Bloomberg Television's "Eye to Eye" video features an engaging interview with Zhang Xin on how she rose to the top and the future opportunities and challenges that she sees in China and the opportunities for women to find success. The video also covers how she thinks about working with her husband (who also works at Soho), being a mother, the pressure from shareholders for the company to keep growing, and what it's like to start a business. Finally, one of her quotes in the video worth thinking about is: "If you have a chance to start your business, do it!"

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