The Trillion Dollar Con Man

This BBC Panorama documentary outlines how one man stole a football club and broke a bank, and sets out to track down the individuals involved, sneaking a peek at the mastermind behind the schemes. In a bizarre series of events convicted fraudster, Russell King, falsely presented himself as a wealthy sheik; managing billions of dollars on behalf of the Bahraini royal family. He took control of half of a London investment bank (First London PLC), and lead negotiations for the purchase of Notts County Football Club by Munto Finance - a subsidiary of Qadbak Investments for the sum total of $1. Weirder still, King set out to North Korea on behalf of Swiss Commodity Holdings to persuade the North Korean government to hand over gold and mineral mining rights in exchange for fictitious billions. Oddly, King often signed business documents with the name L. Voldemort - in reference to Harry Potter character Lord Voldemort. King is presently on the run in Bahrain and is barred from leaving the country.

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