Wall Street Warriors S01E05

Wall Street Warriors follows the careers of a range of Wall Street professionals; across the spectrum of professions and experience levels. This is a very interesting series for those wanting to learn more about what people do on Wall Street (i.e. in the finance industry), and is must see viewing for those interested in a career in finance.

Season one: Episode 5
Strategy is the key to high profit as stock prices fluctuate throughout the day. Is a profitable day in the stars? Sandra meets with a financial astrologer, but talk soon turns to her personal life. Alex explains his own strategies for breaking and re-grouping while Ted, an experienced floor trader, reflects on the Stock Exchange’s significance. Tim meets with Sandra for a business lunch, but seems more intent on sealing the deal with a date. 

Street Talk: 
--Long biased: believing the price of a stock will rise over time 
--Dead Cat Bounce: Stock that is sold off very sharply and then has a little bounce back up 
--Stop Loss: Automatically triggered selling when a stock drops to a certain point Tradeking

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