Penn and Teller - Bullshit: Easy Money

In this episode of the hilarious yet thought provoking series of "Penn & Teller: Bullshit!" the pair look at one of the oldest get-rich-quick schemes: network marketing. Basically they argue that that multi-level marketing schemes actually tend to create more victims than profitable - yet alone highly profitable - members, and allege that MLM businesses are nothing more than pyramid schemes. Network market - also called multi-level marketing (MLM) or referral marketing or pyramid selling, is essentially predicated on a tiered structure where salespeople are compensated not just for their own sales, but those of new sales people they recruit. Clearly the people at the top and who get in early and recruit hard are the ones who will make the most money. While some might argue with them, and certainly some businesses probably can use the network marketing structure as a profitable and efficient distribution system, it is hardly a get rich quick scheme for the people at the bottom who run around door-knocking and trying to recruit and sell. Certainly a thought provoking documentary, and will no doubt resonate with those who've dabbled with the Mary Kay, Amway,  Herbalife, and Avon type companies.

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