The Tax Free Tour

"Where do multinationals pay their tax, and how much?" VPRO Blacklight looks at this increasingly relevant issue of corporate tax avoidance. Indeed in the age of austerity where governments are trying hard to get their fiscal balances back in order, the issue of tax revenues is an important one - and quick gains in terms of better enforcement of existing tax laws and right-sizing tax takes is a way to improve fiscal deficits. But just how do companies get away with paying next to no tax? This documentary talks to several experts on taxation, and finds out how companies set up all manner of conduits and subsidiaries - purportedly for legitimate commercial reasons - that minimise their tax liabilities. You only need to look at the average tax rate of the top listed companies to see how much it has gone down over time as corporates get more sophisticated in structuring their operations in order to optimise tax efficiency - of course the competitive tax rates of smaller countries seeking a piece of the corporate relocations businesses also plays a role. See also: Tax Me If You Can and How the Rich Beat the Taxman

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