Trading on Thin Air

This documentary provides an alternative view on the creation of a carbon credit market. While the presenters clearly have their biases, the carbon trading framework does have its limitations. However the carbon credit model is an exciting innovation that offers the prospect of harnessing the energy of the free market and the spirit of capitalism to create incentives to reduced pollution and increase investment in green projects. Indeed the concept of carbon credits actually creates a new commodity that can be traded and upon which derivative contracts can be designed. This innovative approach to environmental conservation not only promises good environmental outcomes, but can foster and promote a new set of carbon and sustainability industries; carbon traders, carbon investment banks, carbon fund managers, carbon research organisations, carbon auditors, carbon microfinance, carbon private equity, and so-on. The possibilities are there, but so are the doubts and the criticisms - as with any new thing - but challenges are no excuse to forego an opportunity.

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