Moon For Sale

The final frontier of commerce - space - is attracting increasing attention. In the coming decades it's possible we might see the start of a galactic real estate boom. Or perhaps if you believe in the work done by Dennis Hope - a pioneer of space real estate. Although the issues are complex e.g. sovereignty, property rights, someday soon these issues could be a day to day fact of doing business out of this world. But as interesting as extraterrestrial real estate is, another potential boom area could be space-sourced commodities. In this documentary they talk about Helium-3 (a potential energy source), but already there is a company set up to investigate and mine asteroids. It's hard to say when the technology will exist to bring space commodities down to earth, but it's worth keeping an eye on as it would have clear implications for terrestrial commodity and financial markets. Indeed, the next big stock market sector could be something like space resources. In the mean time enjoy this documentary on moon commerce.

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