The Retirement Gamble

Retirement savings is an important issue for many people around the world. Even if there's a government safety net, the ability to be able to support yourself in retirement and do the things you want ultimately depends on how much you can save and how hard you can put your savings to work. But in America "one in three Americans have no retirement savings at all". This video looks at the US situation, and examines savings habits, retirement planning issues, and in particular looks at the big business of retirement savings products. And it is a big business - and a strongly growing one at that. There is a large industry of financial planners, mutual fund providers, trust and administration companies, advisers, salesmen, etc. A valid question is whether the industry as a whole adds value - and for the most part the answer is they provide some useful services. The key question that all investors must ask is how much fees am I paying? Because the difference between a 2% fee and a 1% fee can amount to a significant sum over time when you think about the power of compounding. Watch, learn, prepare, and start saving!

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