The Art of Vulture Investing

This is an interview with George Schultze - founder of Schultze Asset Management and author of the book "The Art of Vulture Investing". Schultze is one of the more high profile "vulture investors" - i.e. investors who specialise in making money from failing or failed companies; either shorting  companies on their way down, buying up distressed loans or bonds for pennies on the dollar, or investing in post-reorganisation equity. Vulture investors serve an important function in the markets as they attempt to figure out where value lies and whether there is a future for a company; providing liquidity by coming in as a long-term investor buying from short-term forced sellers. Likewise vulture investors push capital from dying businesses into new and healthy businesses, preventing the so-called "zombie" companies to linger. This talk, provided by Opalesque, provides an interesting introduction into this specialised investing niche.

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