Roundtable with Dave Moenning: Is It Time to Buy Detroit?

Dave Moenning, a full-time money manager, sits down with long time value investor and money manager of 27 years, Tim Melvin, and Benzinga President and Detroit native, Kyle Bazzy, to discuss the recent Detroit bankruptcy. In the webinar, Dave, Tim and Kyle talk about the bankruptcy, what it means for Detroit. They cover many different investing opportunities, including banking and real estate. You'll also learn what to stay away from.

Dave Moenning Bio: Dave is a full-time money manager and President and Chief Investment Strategist of the Chicago-based RIA firm, Heritage Capital Management. He began his investment career in 1980 and has been an independent money manager since 1987.

Tim Melvin Bio: Tim Melvin is a value investor, money manager and writer. He has spent the last 27 years as in the financial services and investment industry as a broker, advisor and portfolio manager. He has also written and lectured extensively on the markets with his work appearing on RealMoney.Com, DailySpecualtion.Com as well as several print publication including Active Trader and the Wall Street Digest.

Kyle - Kyle Bazzy is the President of Benzinga and Prior to becoming President, Kyle built the business development department and oversaw product strategy. He has experience in private equity and a degree in economics. Kyle has been recognized as an innovator in the financial tech sector and a leader in bringing more transparency to the world of online finance.

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