China Rises - Getting Rich

In 25 Years, China has achieved the most rapid economic advance in such a short time of any nation in history. How? By scrapping its devotion to collectivism and embracing private enterprise with the zeal of 19th-century robber barons. But is China's success riding on the backs of the poor?

This documentary, produced by the New York Times takes a look at the city of Chongqing, a sprawling metropolis, home to 7M people. It's the scene of one of the latest chapters in China's remarkable economic rise. Back in the 1980's China's communist party decided to permit the return of private enterprise. In cities along the coast thousands of new factories sprung up fueling an economic boom. Now, the push is for cities in the interior of the country, places like Chongqing, to grow and develop as well. 

Chongqing today is a city on the move; a place where if you're smart enough and tough enough, you can become a success. Like the man who lives there, secluded high above the city. His name is Zuo Zongshen. Zuo is one of the richest men in China. He's a charter member of China's new business elite. A self-made man with a powerful will to succeed.

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