Friday, 26 October 2012

How to Build Your Own Options Trading Hedge Fund

So maybe you want to trade options or maybe you want to start a hedge fund - this presentation discusses 'how to build a one-man options trading hedge fund'. Dennis Chen and Mark Sebastian, co-authors of the book 'The Option Trader's Hedge Fund- A Business Framework for Trading Equity and Index Options', discuss how you can build your own option trading hedge fund. In the hedge fund world, small size is often an advantage when it comes to being nimble and agile in your trading, but it also means less resources and it means you also have to be smarter about how you run your trading operation. Options provide a means of accessing and implementing a vast range of strategies and can provide the leverage the pay-off ratios required to bring in the larger returns. The key concepts in the presentation include: trading options like a 'one man insurance company', the five essential components of high-profit options trades, management of risks - including black swan risks, and how to build and execute highly effective and efficient trading plans. In a field where knowledge is power and the stakes are high, presentations and information like what these authors present is potentially very valuable, enjoy. See also: trading lectures

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