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This section of the website lists videos and documentaries that can help you learn to trade; whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran of the markets. The best part about watching these videos is that not only can you watch and learn, but they are inspiring and often entertaining, and sometimes it takes a bit of inspiration to succeed.

Top Trading Documentaries

  • Million Dollar Traders -- This series is about a hedge fund manager who runs an experiment to see if he can train some average people to become successful hedge fund managers.
  • Trading Academy -- This series puts a group of aspiring financial market traders against each other as they learn to trade with expert advice and training and compete to win a prize.
  • Trader - Paul Tudor Jones -- This is a must see documentary on a legendary hedgefund manager. In this documentary you get to see Paul Tudor Jones in action trading in his trading room.

Trading Lectures and Seminars

  • Alexander Elder - Trading for a Living -- Alexander Elder is a renowned expert at training traders, his unique perspective and experience make him one of a few that are truly worth listening to in order to improve your trading style and learn to become a better trader.

Trading Brokers - Do you want to start trading?

Now that you've learned some tips and techniques for trading, why not sign up with one of the brokers below?
  • eToro - Trade Stocks, Commodities, Currencies, and Indices
  • Easy Forex - Forex trading specialist

Finance Documentaries trading documentaries and lectures

Risk Warning: Trading is an inherently risky activity - you should know this if you watched any of the documentaries here! Just remember that when you go to sign up - you can lose money, and you can lose a lot of money very quickly (i.e. the flipside of being able to make money!).

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