Friday, 5 April 2013

Trading Academy - Episode 3: Global Indices

In the third episode the competition is becoming stronger as the weaker traders get sent home. This week the traders focus on trading global indexes and use the 'spread betting' technique whereby you go long one related instrument e.g. one stock, and short another instrument e.g. another stock - in that example you remove market risk and retain stock specific risk. This series is an excellent way of getting up to speed with the basics of trading and also becoming aware of the pitfalls and risks as well as the challenges of mastering not only your trading system and trading style, but mastering your own trader psychology. The contestants show the learning in action, as well as getting vital tips and hints from the experts. Watch and learn! See also: Episode 1 (meet the candidates), Episode 2 (FTSE Fundamentals) and Million Dollar Traders (a similar apprentice-style trading competition where the aim is to train a successful hedge fund manager). Be sure to add your comments below.

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