Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Bulls & Bears - SFE

This is a promo for the documentary "Bulls & Bears" - a documentary about futures traders on the old Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE - now part of the ASX, and now digitally traded following the closure of the open outcry trading pits). The documentary follows the plight of a group of local traders around the time of the Asian financial crisis; seeing what works and what doesn't in the high stakes world of futures trading. Much of the trading was interest rate futures e.g. bets on rates going up or down, or changes in the shape and structure of the yield curve. This type of trading requires large amounts of capital and can see rapid gains or losses based on global macro events, changes in sentiment, and central bank policy announcements, among other things. Note, I will try to track down the full documentary - please comment it below if you have it.

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Finance Documentaries: http://www.financedocumentaries.com/2013/04/bulls-bears-sfe.html

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  1. Would love to see the full thing! Looks like an interesting subject with regard to international finance.