Saturday, 9 March 2013

Trading Academy - Episode 1: Meet the Candidates

Trading Academy is a new series from City Index that puts 8 candidates against each other and against the market in a bid to become a successful trader and take the $100,000 prize. In this first episode we meet the traders and get a briefing on the competition. Market analysts, Ashraf Laidi (Chief Global Strategist) and James Chen (Chief Technical Strategist) are on hand to teach the traders tips on how to read the market, how to execute trades, offer tips on trading psychology, and of course grill the losing traders on why they should stay in the competition. This is a very interesting series and offers entertainment value as well as some insights on how to succeed at trading in the markets. Highly recommended viewing. See also: Million Dollar Traders (a similar apprentice-style trading competition where the aim is to train a successful hedge fund manager). Be sure to add your comments below.

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