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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Trading Academy - Episode 5: Trading FX

In this episode the traders get to grips with the global currency markets; learning to trade foreign exchange instruments (more here). The traders receive advice on trading strategies and tactics from the mentors, and then are set loose on the forex markets. FX trading in particular is a very interesting form of trading as it often involves high leverage and the market can move and react to global events in an instant. You need to manage risks, know where the trend is, be aware of global macro events and form a view on where the data will print. Whether you trade on fundamentals or on price patterns you need a solid strategy and a strong trading approach - and of course you need to master your trading psychology. Watch the traders in action and learn from others. See also: Episode 1 (meet the candidates)Episode 2 (FTSE Fundamentals)Episode 3 (Global Indices), Episode 4 (Stocks and Shares) and Million Dollar Traders (a similar apprentice-style trading competition where the aim is to train a successful hedge fund manager). Be sure to add your comments below.

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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Black Wednesday - When the Pound Sterling Crashed

What happened when the pound sterling crashed? Why did it crash? And what was this thing about George Soros taking on the Bank of England and winning? This documentary addresses all of these questions and more - it looks at a financial crisis which happened back in 1992. Black Wednesday referred to the day where the UK was forced to withdraw the pound or GBP from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism as the Bank of England was unable to keep the GBP exchange rate above the agreed lower limit. George Soros made over a billion dollars betting against the GBP - foreseeing it's inevitable capitulation. This crisis just goes to show the fallacy of a one-monetary-policy-fits-all approach; it also shows the futility of fighting the market, and how easy a crisis can precipitate. This event also shows how traders can make money in a crisis if they are prepared to do their homework, understand the drivers and get conviction to take a position.

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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Trading Academy - Episode 1: Meet the Candidates

Trading Academy is a new series from City Index that puts 8 candidates against each other and against the market in a bid to become a successful trader and take the $100,000 prize. In this first episode we meet the traders and get a briefing on the competition. Market analysts, Ashraf Laidi (Chief Global Strategist) and James Chen (Chief Technical Strategist) are on hand to teach the traders tips on how to read the market, how to execute trades, offer tips on trading psychology, and of course grill the losing traders on why they should stay in the competition. This is a very interesting series and offers entertainment value as well as some insights on how to succeed at trading in the markets. Highly recommended viewing. See also: Million Dollar Traders (a similar apprentice-style trading competition where the aim is to train a successful hedge fund manager). Be sure to add your comments below.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Close Up: Foreign Exchange Dealers

This New Zealand documentary on foreign exchange dealers features New Zealand's current prime minister, John Key, early in his successful career in foreign exchange trading. The 1980's fashion and manner is humorous but the job of foreign exchange dealing is much the same today as it was then, albeit the technology, volumes, and players have changed. The documentary provides an interesting insight into the job of foreign exchange dealing and the kinds of people that the work attracts and who succeeds at it. It also provides an interesting look back in time at the finance industry, and at John Key. See also: Billion Dollar Day

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