Thursday, 28 March 2013

Trading Academy - Episode 2: FTSE Fundamentals

Trading Academy is a new series from City Index that puts 8 candidates against each other and against the market in a bid to become a successful trader and take the $100,000 prize. In this episode the traders learn how to trade the FTSE 100 - a key stock index in the UK. They must learn to master their emotions while also trying to figure out a trading strategy on the fly. Each of the traders finds their own approach - some with success, some with much less success. The best lesson of this episode is about the psychological aspects; seeing in action some of the mistakes they make, and learning how to improve your own trading. See also: Episode 1 (meet the candidates) and Million Dollar Traders (a similar apprentice-style trading competition where the aim is to train a successful hedge fund manager). Be sure to add your comments below.

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