Europe is presently in the spotlight of the bond market due to the fiscal excesses and unsustainable sovereign debt loads in certain countries. But there are other countries in the world with equally alarming debt loads - Japan is an obvious one with its debt upwards of 200% of GDP depending on the measure, but the USA has also become a culprit of fiscal irresponsibility - you only need to refer to the downgrade it received from Standard and Poor's last year to see the gravity of the situation. But what do people mean exactly when they say the US has a debt problem? This documentary reviews the US federal budget records, the seemingly insurmountable debt load that has piled up, how the financial crisis of 2008 exacerbated the situation - but also delves into some of the potential ways forward; how to solve the problem before it becomes a crisis. This documentary makes for compelling viewing for Americans, but also everyone in the world - as America's economic and financial influence on the rest of the world is as systemic and important as ever.

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