Saturday, 2 February 2013

The LME - Europe's Last Open Outcry Trading Floor

This short documentary from the Wall Street Journal adds to a handful of videos on Finance Documentaries which look at the old way of trading - people interacting with people; as opposed to computers talking to computers. "In the first of a new series of training videos, Dow Jones Newswires' Andrea Hotter takes a look at the last bastion of open outcry trading in Europe and one of the few remaining in the world, the London Metal Exchange. Tracing its history from inception to current day, she examines the various ways to trade metals." The London Metals Exchange (LME) is one of the last modern exchanges that uses the old open outcry method of trading. The LME was sold to Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd in 2012. See also: Anatomy of a Trade - The NYBOT and LIFFE Documentary and especially see Floored - which details the life of a trader in the pit, and the transition to computer trading.

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