Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Dot-Com Bubble Documentary

The evolution of the Internet and emergence of online businesses brought with them a phenomenon typical of new industries and technologies - a stock market bubble. Indeed the dot-com bubble is one of the largest stock market bubbles of recent history (with the subsequent crash likewise one of the most harsh). But what happened and why? This documentary adds to the list of resources on the tech boom and bust, and makes for interesting and informative viewing - after all it's best to learn from these types of things so you can identify them in the future and gain a better appreciation for the functioning of markets, the various market participants, and of course human (crowd) psychology. See also: Dot Coms Gone Bust, What Happened (Dot Com Boom and Bust), and The Internet Money Machine.

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Finance Documentaries: http://www.financedocumentaries.com/2013/05/dot-com-bubble-documentary.html

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